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Finding Your Next Pet

During a communication session, after hearing how my friend and client, Patt Sendejas, located her adorable Golden Retriever pup, Bear, I asked Patt if she would mind sharing her story on my Blog. I felt her story about finding Bear would help others recognize the miraculous ability the Universe has of uniting two individuals as long as we stay out of its way. So many struggle after the loss of an animal companion. They are afraid to open themselves up to future pain. Bringing a new pet into the family is a very personal decision and needs to be done in perfect timing. Personally, the pain of losing a dear friend is  challenging and takes time to cope with, but living without the unconditional love they shower us with every day is unimaginable for me. It's my wish that Patt's & Bear's story will encourage others to face that fear and allow the Universe to work it's wonders. I thank Patt for her willingness to share their story.

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I was recently asked to contribute to my good friend Nancy Kaiser’s blog. Nancy is a talented animal communicator, healer, and author. She told me people find it difficult to create what they want and felt my story would help others. Many people have not realized that “letting go” brings in so much more than they could have imagined, because they are allowing the Universe to line things up.

We got our last dog, a German Shepherd, Freedom, at the animal shelter in 2001. She became part of our family and lived just one month past her 9th birthday. As all of you animal-lovers know, we become so close to our pets that when they pass they take a part of our hearts with them.

I decided next time I would get a puppy, so we would have more years with our friend. Now having two grandkids, I wanted a friendly and outgoing dog with a good temperament with children. I finally decided on a Lab or a Golden Retriever. I settled on a Golden Retriever for two reasons. Years ago, I got a year old Golden Retriever as a gift for my parent’s anniversary. That dog lived to the age of fourteen and was such a good companion for my parents. The second reason was that I enjoyed watching the dog on the TV Movie; Jessie Stone. I liked its red coat and calm nature.

I had clarity about the dog I wanted. Remember, the Universe wants clarity from you in order to line things up.  Your emotion about your desire is another big factor in attracting what you want. I just kept my eyes open without being attached to my desire. I decided after going to the animal shelter for years, this time I would go on the internet to find a dog. I went on the Golden Retriever rescue site and did not see any puppies. Then, I went on the animal shelters in Los Angeles to view their dogs. I also went onto Craig’s list. There I saw a photo of a Golden Retriever male and female and their two puppies. I emailed them and received a reply that the puppies were available for adoption. The owner’s home wasn’t local. The puppies were just what I was looking for, and I said to myself, “I would rather get a puppy from my local community and not have to drive so far.” I let go knowing the right dog would become available.

I never would have guessed what happened next! About a week or two later, I went to the Golden Retriever Rescue Website again for my local area. I still did not see any puppies, so I inquired with an e-mail. I heard back, “Yes, we have puppies. You need to fill out the online application.” So, I immediately filled out the application and submitted it. Within fifteen minutes, I received a phone call. The woman said, “You are a family we are looking for. We will need to do a home visit to make sure you have the room and a safe, fenced yard for the dog.” I went to the website and there was a Golden Retriever puppy that looked just like the one I saw on Craig’s list.

We had a home visit and learned that the rescue foundation had purchased the mother dog and her two puppies that had been on Craig’s list. We were told where to go to pick up our puppy. They brought only one of the two puppies out in the front yard. The other puppy was not available and needed more socialization. On the way home we met a woman with two children who had been looking for a puppy to add to their family. She asked for the contact number for the other puppy. Later, we learned that she got the sister puppy and lives within 2 miles of us.

Before going home, we stopped at a Pet Store. We met a husband and wife who have two Golden Retrievers. They recommended food, vitamins, and toys that retrievers love to play with. Everything just kept falling in place all day as if someone had lined it all up in advance. Fascinating how things fall in place when we “let go” and allow the Universe to line things up.

We have already had a play day with our pup’s sister. When we picked her up she looked like a Bear cub. I kept saying Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear, so the name Bear just seemed to fit. The funny thing is; remember, I wanted a red- colored Golden Retriever. My dog has silky red fur like a Setter. I am told that is quite unusual for Golden Retrievers to have such a dark red coat.

Patt Sendejas is the Founder and Creator of the Make Room for the Magic™ Program and is America’s Leading Authority on Personality Feng Shui™. To contact Patt or sign up for her blog, visit her website at:

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