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An Important Request & Review!

I want to thank Karen Hobson for sharing with me how much reading my first book, Letting Go, has helped her with the challenges in life. Reviews such as hers are the reason why I went through the significant effort & expense to publish my story about surviving my "dark night of the soul" after leaving my special farm in central NJ and moving to what I now refer to as my mountains in NC. Karen has made my month by sharing her story with me and how my words have brought her understanding and acceptance. I encourage you to read her review at:

I have a very important request for all my horse-loving friends and clients or animal-lovers in general. A wonderful group, "Women's Horse Industry Network, " which I've been a member of for several years is collecting donations to help the unfortunate horsemen & horsewomen in OK, who have lost everything in the recent tornadoes. It is inconceivable to me to lose your life's love, your horses, and your work to such a horrific event. No amount is too small. Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated. Find the link to donate (look for the red lettering) at:
You never know when you might be in the same position; I truly hope not, but ya never know... THANK YOU!

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