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Cone Park Oct 2012 I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my Website today. I am an animal communication consultant with 20 years of experience telepathically communicating with many different species of animals. Communicating with animals allows a better understanding of and deeper relationship with our pets. I work with several innovative forms of healing that allow me to offer not only understanding, but also solutions to many unwanted behavioral and/or medical issues. I am committed to facilitating healing for both the physical and emotional aspects of animals and people, which will ultimately heal the human-animal bond. I hope you’ll allow me to broaden your perspective on the significance of the animals in your life through an animal communication consultation. Please listen to your animal-friends & let me help enrich your relationships!




Listen on Radio!

I just listened to Nancy Kaiser on her radio interview on “The Authors Show” and she was outstanding. She goes into her extensive background with working with animals and the difference she makes calming animals and providing them with a deep understanding of our physical world and its experiences.  Her book is so important to our human experience interacting with our pets and their well-being.  If you want to understand your animal better, Nancy is the one who can help you do that. To get to know Nancy Kaiser and her work take 15 minutes of your time and listen to this excellent interview. ~ Pat Sendejas, CA


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